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Get to know Mis Mannered Pups Jasmine our Founder Head Trainer. Jasmine started her career by enrolling in her Certificate IV Animal Companion Services with Delta Institute. This education was her foundation by introducing knowledge of Positive Reinforcement with Scientific Based training methods. She then went on to apply her knowledge as a dog trainer by co-managing with one of the best and highly regarded dog training businesses on the Gold Coast training basic pet obedience, detection and protection whilst also being part of dogs QLD promoting responsible dog ownership.

Have you noticed Dog Trainers have strongly opposing styles & methods? So how do you decide what is right for you?

Why not use a complete toolbox? We believe one size does not fit all when implementing training styles for you and your dog.  

“Balanced” Trainers create enthusiastic, happy dogs by training using rewards of food, praise & toys but also produce faster results & reliability by layering in the use of adding in rules, boundaries & discipline equally. Finding pros & cons on both sides of the debate is why we underline that no single training program or method works for all dogs and their owners

Balanced Training offers diversity and flexibility a truly balanced trainer will recognize when something isn’t working & will not be bound by any philosophical pledge or business model that may hinder your training goals

Whilst both positive and Traditional have certain positive aspects they both come with significant pitfalls.

“Positive Reinforcement” training primarily with food rewards & condemning the use of discipline, rules or boundaries. Whilst this method is gentle & motivational, it produces slower results since your dog is not taught redirection for bad behaviours.


“Traditional” Trainers who condemn the use of food & train dogs primarily with physical force believing a dog should obey commands. While rigid and inflexible, Traditional techniques work faster but can also leave negative side effects

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